Experiencing the charms of the pub garden at the Dulwich Wood House

At the time December felt depressing, with even the imminent arrival of a ‘normal’ Christmas in doubt. Looking back now it was a period of relative freedom bookended by two lockdowns.


Five Years since death of the Starman Bowie

David Bowie did not seem to age much in the 43 years between performing Star Man in a fake snakeskin leotard on Top of the Pops in 1972 and the last pictures in 2015, soon after he discovered he had terminal cancer. That was one factor which made his death on January 11 2016 such a shock. Here TOBY PORTER remembers his South London roots on the fifth anniversary.


‘I sat up in bed and saw a policeman standing over me holding a gun’

Lee Lawrence’s win in the memoir category of the Costa Book Awards brought back some of the trauma and anger of the incident which is the pivot of his story. His mum, Cherry Groce, was shot by police in an incident which sparked the 1985 Brixton riots. Here TOBY PORTER recalls the events which shocked a community.


South London French singer releases first album in English to connect with people

A French singer-songwriter has released his first studio album in English after feeling the need to counter the language-barrier-induced loneliness and connect with his English- speaking neighbours.


South London artist documents life in the pandemic through new book

A charity worker has published a book of drawings that document her life and the news throughout the pandemic.


Game Review: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

It’s time to be one of the pillage, people.  And the latest Assassin’s Creed release is Norse-y but nice. Okay, I promise I’ll leave the puns there. For anyone was has previous played Ubisoft’s popular series, then you’ll know the drill. And I’ve got no axe to grind about that. No, quite on the contrary, I need to sharpen it. And my dagger. And my spear.


Taking a look at South London’s up and coming musical talent in 2021

South London’s most creative music is thriving despite the handicaps caused by lockdown. Here MELISSA Kasule picks a selection of up-and-coming artists who could make an impact in 2021.


Arts festival created by disabled people held at Southbank Centre

A festival showcasing theatre, dance, comedy and more, created by disabled people is being held online by the Southbank Centre. Unlimited Festival runs until January 17 and includes 33 events that celebrate the artistic vision of disabled people.


Wewe Mimi Sisi – classic African stories adapted for kids YouTube series

A project that combines storytelling with dynamic yoga to help children develop their physical and mental health and improve their overall well-being has started.


Rosemary Egbe, Lilford Estate stalwart, dies aged 64

Rosemary had lived on the Lilford Estate for nearly 30 years. She was responsible for a raft of regeneration work and service provision during the 10 years she had been in charge of LARA,  the association representing local residents. 


Social worker’s book gives tips on giving evidence in court

Michael Watson, a Croydon-based social worker has written a book about how to prepare for giving evidence in a family court to help others who have to go through the process.


In My View: Rosena Allin-Khan, MP for Tooting

The first vaccine was approved for use in the UK and it’s now starting to be rolled out. For all of those who volunteered to take part in the vaccine trials, you all deserve a huge thank you for enabling this to happen so swiftly.


Think of pets when making new year resolutions

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions we make, is to learn something new. Why not include your four-legged friend in this, too? Learning a new trick, or even just brushing up on their training, can help you to spend more time with your pet and you’ll both be learning something new!


Fundraiser to honour Penge East railway station cat with bronze statue

Lily the Penge East station cat died recently, and local people are fundraising for a commemorative statue to be made in her memory.


FOOD REVIEW by Paloma Lacy: Rudie’s Jerk Shack

There was much excitement when Rudie’s Jerk Shack announced it was setting up home in Brixton Village, not least from me. Ever-changing operating restrictions in late 2020 played havoc with the opening but this finally happened last month.


Cake or Death serves up a vegan treat

As quirky brand names go, Cake or Death must surely take the prize. Is it a choice? Not sure. If another reason were needed to give Veganuary a try, this east London vegan bakery could well be it.


Reminiscing about good times at The Regent in Balham

There are those pubs which hold a special place in your heart. For me, it’s The Regent in Balham. It was THE meeting place for my friendship group around a decade ago and the scene of many life changing events – early dates, hen weekends arranged over a glass of wine, and best woman’s speeches written here.


Tom was Addick-ted to taking pictures of his beloved Charlton

Former Charlton club photographer Tom Morris, who has died suddenly at the age of 76, was a familiar figure on the goal line at Charlton matches, home and away, for more than three decades, writes Rick Everitt.


George, a driving force of First World War, died mysteriously on boat home

George Merry, a First World War hero who died in 1920, was a salesman who travelled the world selling cars for a friend – the man who created the Citroen car company. He died mysteriously.


Churchill Theatre brings festive shows to kids schools and online

A theatre has been forced to think of creative ways to bring their productions to young people. Churchill Theatre in Bromley usually puts on a festive production for kids each year in their studio.

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