Charlton manager Lee Bowyer wants EFL to provide clear message to clubs over coronavirus training measures


Charlton manager Lee Bowyer has called for the EFL to provide a clear message on when their domestic football calendar could resume.

The governing body had put out a statement which said no games would be played until at least April 3, which was in line with the Premier League’s decision, as measures are taken to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The Addicks had been due to resume training on Monday but now have brought that forward to tomorrow.

Bowyer said: “They [the EFL} need to step up now and give us some real guidance. At the moment there hasn’t been any guidance – too many grey areas.

“If you look at the cases up and down the country then quite a lot are in London but there are hardly any up north, so it’s okay for northern clubs to carry on normally. Whereas in London it isn’t really like that. It is more dangerous.

“The EFL should say that everyone stops training or everyone trains like normal so at least we’re not making the wrong decision for peoples’ health. That’s what we’ve tried to do from the beginning – we’ve tried to do the right thing for the health of others but other teams are getting an advantage over us and that can’t be right.

“It should be everyone trains now or everyone stays away now for however long. That’s the instruction they need to put out to make it fair across the board.”

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