Crowdfunding campaign to install life-size bronze statue of Orinoco the Womble on Wimbledon Common

The Wombles, the TV show that, along with the world famous tennis tournament, helped put Wimbledon on the map, has never had anything to mark its legacy in the area.

Now a crowdfunding campaign is aiming to change that and help put The Wombles back in their rightful place on Wimbledon Common, celebrating the impact that these famous litter conscious characters had on children around the world.

The project hopes to raise the funds to install a life-size bronze statue of Orinoco the Womble sat on a bench on Wimbledon Common.

The bench will then become a designated reading bench for locals to enjoy.

The campaign has received the backing of the family of Womble creator Elizabeth Beresford, Mike Batt, who wrote and produced the famous Wombles theme tune, and the hit Remember You’re a Womble, as well as TV legend Bernard Cribbins, who narrated the TV Show

Kate Robertson, daughter of Womble creator Ms Beresford, said: “Over the last 50 years The Wombles have captured the hearts of many generations and with a new TV show being launched this year it looks like the legacy of the Wombles will continue to inspire another generation.

“It would be lovely to have both the memory of my mother and The Wombles recognised through a permanent statue in the heart of Wimbledon.”

Campaign organiser Simon Hood said: “The Wombles have featured in books, in their own TV show, have had huge music hits and even starred in their own movie.

“Everyone who knows The Wombles knows that they live on Wimbledon Common – Apple have even programmed their autocorrect function to replace the word ‘Wimbledon’ with the word ‘Womble’ – yet within Wimbledon itself there is nothing there to mark their existence.

“We are hoping that Womble fans can join together and change that to create a permanent legacy, recognising the work of Elizabeth Beresford and The Wombles.

“Paddington railway station has a Paddington statue, so I think this would be a great thing to happen for Wimbledon.”

Those looking to back the crowdfunding can participate via the Kickstarter campaign here, which goes live tomorrow.

Pictured: Orinoco the Womble

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