Exhibition: Classic Car Boot Sale, Kings Cross

Music legends Sid Vicious and David Bowie may not have ever imagined themselves to be immortalised in the religious style of stained glass windows, much less on the side of a Reliant Robin, but that is exactly what has happened, writes James Twomey.

A specially curated exhibition of three Reliant Robins with stained glass windows that display some of South London’s famous musicians, including Lewisham-born Sid Vicious and Brixton-born David Bowie, will be appearing for the first time in London.

Visual artist and creator Stuart Langley said: “The overarching meaning of the three works is to show how re-purposing an object can encourage people to rethink the meanings they assign to the world around them.

“The everyday – in this case cars – doesn’t have to be purely functional. An element of surprise can go a long way in igniting inspiration in others. My inspiration was the stained glass found in Durham Cathedral that helped create something extraordinary from an everyday object.

“The Reliant Robin – one of the vehicles is a Rialto for those in the know – is quintessentially British and a little odd, so it makes the perfect canvas for a stained glass transformation.”

The cars will be surrounded by more three-wheeled wonders including the rare bright orange 1960s Bond Bugs and Del Boy Trotter’s trusted ride in the comedy series Only Fools and Horses.

Camden-born Amy Winehouse also features in the exhibition.

Classic Car Boot Sale, Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross, April 27 to 28.

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