From a one-woman band…to a charity that’s raised £133 million! Walk the Walk is calling on women to sign up for a potentially life-changing challenge

The founder of breast cancer charity Walk the Walk is calling on women from across the country to sign up for a potentially life-changing challenge.

Founded 23 years ago by Nina Barough CBE, Walk the Walk is best known for its iconic flagship event The MoonWalk London.

On Saturday 16th May, thousands of women wearing decorated bras will walk either a half or full marathon through the streets of the capital at Midnight to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. 

Nina’s own story will inspire many other others across the UK on International Women’s Day – a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

 In 1996, Nina was working as a fashion stylist. Then she had a dream – that she was Power Walking the New York City Marathon in a bra to raise money for breast cancer.

A few months later, she and a group of 12 friends did just that, raising £25,000, which was granted to Breakthrough Breast Cancer for research. At this stage, Nina had no fundraising experience and no connection to breast cancer.

Just weeks later and totally out of the blue, Nina was diagnosed with breast cancer herself.  Nina’s friends and family wanted to support her and entered the London Marathon, walking the event in decorated bras, raising another £25,000.

In 1998, Nina entered another team for the London Marathon, but only half her team received places. Undeterred, she created a one-off night time Power Walking marathon ahead of the official London Marathon.

The MoonWalk London was born – Nina had created the first ever mass fundraising event for walkers and is now a Power Walking expert.

Walk the Walk has now raised an incredible £133 million for vital breast cancer causes. Since 1996, more than 360,000 women have taken on a Walk the Walk challenge.

Do something positive for International Women’s Day and sign up to take part in The MoonWalk London on Saturday 16th May.

Power Walk through the streets of London at Midnight wearing a decorated bra, as you raise money and awareness for breast cancer charity, Walk the Walk. Sign up now: 

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