‘Get Up, Stand Up’ – co-writer of Bob Marley hit stands up to repossession order

The co-writer of Bob Marley’s classic hits I Shot The Sheriff and Get Up, Stand Up has raised funds to stay in the home where they made the songs, after she was threatened with repossession of the property.

Esther Anderson, 76, is a film-director and activist who has lived in her flat on Cheyne Row, Chelsea, since 1968.

She was in a relationship with Bob Marley who lived there for two years while recording his seminal album Exodus.

In January this year, Esther was threatened with property repossession after a dispute with management agents, TPS Estates, who took over the property in April 2018 and charged her £8,500 for repairs to the property.

Esther disagreed with the sum but was told the property would be repossessed if she did not pay it and was served with a Notice of Forfeiture of her lease on January 7.

“Every night for the past month I have gone to bed in tears, anxious, in a state of disbelief,” said Esther on her crowdfunding web page. “It has been so upsetting and nerve-wracking.

“I arrived in England in 1962 before Jamaica’s Independence as a young girl with nothing except my easel, paint brushes, pageant dresses, a hunger to succeed and desire to put my native country on the map.

“Doing jobs from DJing, working as a model, dancing in Don Cellar cigars commercials to setting up Island records.

“I went to acting school, got my big break in Hollywood and gave it all up to help Bob and The Wailers fulfil their destiny.

“I bought my flat in 1968 in Chelsea with the money I made, it has been my home ever since and I have lived here for over 52 Years.”

The owner of TPS Estates, Nigel Cross, demanded a possession hearing in court which was set to take place on March 18 but Esther managed to raise the funds, including nearly £7,000 from a crowdfunding website, in time to pay the fees.

Esther added: “I want to thank you all for your generous support and outstanding sense of solidarity. I will retain your kind generosity in my heart.

“Thank you very much to everyone who has taken the time to share, donate, comment and reach out. I am eternally grateful.

“There are many causes in the world worth the while supporting, and one of them is our right to enjoy our beloved homes, our shelters of love.

“You have stood up against the ruthless behaviour of management agencies in the UK who are bent on taking away this essential right.

“We will not stop until these practices are outlawed.

“As a result of your support, contributions, private donations and my savings, we were able to raise the money to pay off the outstanding debt and prevent the trial and possession order from moving forward.”

TPS Estates owner Nigel Cross said: “We are delighted she settled in advance of the court hearing.”

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