Pet’s Corner Q&A

My cat, Otto, has cloudy eyes and sometimes has discharge coming out of one eye. What should I do?

There are different reasons for Otto’s issues with his eyes including injury, infection, pressure change, or even an illness in another part of the body.

These problems can present themselves in many different ways but to prevent further damage and potential loss of vision, we’d recommend Otto gets checked over by a vet.

In the meantime, help him by wiping away any discharge when you see it with a clean, dry cloth.

My dog, Peanut, keeps nibbling at his feet, when I checked they are sore and red inside his paws. How can I help him?

It could be dermatitis which is when dogs have red, inflamed, angry looking skin, or a rash – it should always be checked over by a vet .

But in most cases it can easily be treated.

It may be that Peanut has a skin infection or an allergy, or it could be a sign of fleas or other parasites.

Dog’s Paw. Picture: Pixabay/Tiinuska

Some dogs lick persistently because of stress or boredom, so make sure Peanut’s got plenty to keep him occupied and keep his mind off his paw.

Remember to be careful when taking a closer look at Peanut’s paws because they may be painful, so be gentle and calm with him.

My daughter got a craft set for Christmas and unfortunately decided to test out their safety scissors on our cat – by giving him a whisker cut.

Whiskers are special hairs that are a very important part of a cat’s senses.

They are quite stiff compared to other hairs, and they are connected to a cat’s muscles and nerves, which directly send information to the sensory system, helping cats to react to any changes in their surroundings, cleverly judging distance and space.

Cat’s Whiskers. Picture: Pixabay/Nennieinszweidrei

Whiskers are constantly growing, falling out, and being replaced which means that your cat’s whiskers will re-grow.

As this can take a while, Lulu may feel vulnerable and not want to go outside until they grow back. Provide toys and litter trays indoors.

My rabbit, Snowdrop, really enjoys her food. What would you recommend to help her slim down?

Obesity is a serious condition that can lead to health problems. For rabbits, hay is the most important part of their diet, so this should make up the majority of her daily intake.

Rabbits graze constantly, so she should have access to at least her body size in hay every day.

Rabbit. Picture:  Pixabay/TidgyWidy

Rabbits don’t need more than a tablespoon of complete rabbit nuggets per day (or morning and evening if they’re a large breed).

She’ll also need a handful of rabbit-safegreens, such as cabbage and kale, both morning and evening.

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