Roy’s Art Fair: Bargehouse, Southbank on April 2-5

Roy’s Art Fair is growing bigger with each event and is now firmly established in the art lover’s diary.

With each fair growing in sales, visitors, and artists the sixth fair will be hosted in the Bargehouse on the Southbank on April 2-5.

Roy’s Art Fair has a comfortable yet energetic atmosphere that allows visitors to connect with artists and invest in artwork they love.

Whether you’re an avid art collector or a first-time buyer everyone is welcome and entry is free.

There will be an equal balance of women and men artists exhibiting work.

New to the fair this year will be a schedule of talks and tours.

Talks will include an introduction to buying and curating your own space, how art can improve mental health, unleashing creativity and exploring art and environmental issues.

This year the fair will partner with artist Jonny Concrete.

Jonny Concrete is the first child of London based concrete table maker Hartland and Hartland.

His best-known artwork is concrete door stops he makes from the waste concrete.

There will be 15 concrete door stops hidden around London for the public to find and take, all with a unique design from a Roy’s Art Fair Artist that will be exhibiting in our April fair.

Jonny also uses this opportunity to give exposure to the London Air Ambulance service and the work they do.

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