Streatham MP slams government for not imposing lockdown

Streatham MP Bell Ribeiro-Addy has criticised Government Covid-19 containment measures, speaking out in support of implementing a lockdown policy.

The number of cases in Lambeth has surged from 22 to 127 in a week and the new MP says the measures taken so far have not been effective.

Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Member of Parliament for Streatham, said: We need a lockdown yesterdaySince last week, it’s been apparent that the Government’s decision to adopt its herd immunity strategy and ignore WHO Coronavirus advice on testing and social distancing have put us on a worse disease trajectory than Italy. More delays will only have even deadlier consequences, so we need to have a lockdown now.

The absence of containment measures has been compounded by confusing communication and other illogical policy choices – like opting to reduce public transport services without issuing clear closure instructions to non-essential businesses.

As things stand, this dithering means our death rate is set to rise faster and higher than Italy’sWe cannot wait for the Government to show real leadership on this. That’s why I’m calling on Streatham to take the lead, starting with staying at home.”

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