Theatre: Hamlet at the Dorfman Theatre from March 30 – April 9

Hamlet’s dad is dead. His uncle has taken over the kingdom and married Hamlet’s mum. The whole world feels like it’s turned upside down.

A ghostly encounter reveals a dreadful deed has been done. Should Hamlet take revenge?

An energetic retelling of Shakespeare’s most well-known tragedy to introduce young audiences to the world of Shakespeare will be running at the Dorfman Theatre from March 30 – April 9.

This version is adapted for audiences aged eight-12 and opens at the National Theatre following a six-week tour to state primary and secondary schools across Greater London from February 10.

Education packages to support teaching of the production are available for primary schools and include workshops, training and teacher resources.

Director Tinuke Craig said: “It’s so important that children from all backgrounds feel that the arts are open to them to participate in and enjoy, and it’s a privilege to make work for the next generation.

“The challenge of taking one of the greatest works in the canon and distilling it to an hour long play for eight-12 year olds is a big one.

“Not only do we have the task of creating an engaging production for an audience, but we also have a responsibility to introduce younger audiences to theatre, bringing productions to their home turf to provide an early, or often first, experience of Shakespeare that is welcoming, inclusive, exciting and fun.”


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