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Our paper now boasts increased distribution where our title is readily available free of charge.

Our award winning newspaper is widely held up as one of the best titles in the capital, with its robust news coverage of the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham, Wandsworth, Merton, Greenwich, Bexley and Croydon.

Sports coverage is second to none and the paper is key media partners with Millwall and Charlton Athletic football clubs.

Digital e-edition

Using Pagesuite HTML5, easily adjust how the touch screen friendly pages are displayed to optimize page size, view full-screen or as single or double pages.

Easily navigate between pages or jump to the front or back pages of any edition.

Get quick access to options such as search, share and download. Use the main menu to access a full list of options including an extensive archive of all our publications dating back to 2009.


Our website has quickly established itself as one of the leading local news and sports websites and offers an ever growing audience.

We offer everything our local papers does, plus more, with all the latest breaking stories updated throughout the day.

We also cover all the latest events in our Lifestyle section, featuring what's on, food and drink, entertainment, education and share your opinions and South London memories.

Source - *Publishers statement Feb 2018. ** Report generated by GADWP Jan 5 2022 - Jan 5 2023

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South London Press has a talented and experienced team in place who are always brimming with innovative and creative ideas. We can design your adverts for the paper, or animated digital adverts for online at no extra cost.

Newspaper Advertising

● Accepted file formats – PDF, PNG, JPEG, EPS, TIF
● High resolution - at least 300 dpi
● Colour for print – CMYK
● All fonts should be embedded or converted to shape.
● Transparency should be preserved and not flattened.

Column & Advertisement Sizes

8 columns - 26.2cm
7 columns - 22.9cm
6 columns - 19.6cm
5 columns - 16.3cm
4 columns - 13.1cm
3 columns - 9.6cm
2 columns - 6.4cm
1 column - 3.1cm

Wrap Front Page - 29cm x 26.2cm
Wrap DPS - 34cm x 54.4cm
Wrap Back Page - 34cm x 26.2cm
Full Page - 34cm x 26.2cm
Half Page (Horizontal) - 17cm x 26.2cm
Half Page (Vertical)- 34cm x 13.1cm
Quarter Page - 17cm x 13.1cm


Online Advertising

Leaderboards are the first advertisements to be seen by users accessing our website. They are a stand-out dominator with high impact and premium space. MPU’s are our most popular way to advertise. Footer banners are full website content width and placed at the very bottom of the page.

LEADERBOARD - 800 x 100px FOOTER BANNER - 1140 x 140px

SINGLE MPU - 360 x 300px
DOUBLE MPU - 360 x 600px


Digital Data

● Accepted file formats – PNG, JPEG or GIF (animated)
● Colour – RGB (Convert all text, vectors & images to RGB)
● All fonts should be embedded or converted to shape.
● Transparency should be preserved – not flattened.
● PDF/X should not be used for digital advertising.
● Resolution – 72 dpi or 96 dpi
● We can also take any print advertisements and create animated banners & MPU’s to run on the website.

'Skins' - Background takeover

A desktop-only advert designed to slot under the webpage's content area. It creates a large impact as the takeover combines a background skin creative with a billboard header at the very top of the page.

We advise to keep important imagery within the designated 'gutter zone' of 180 x 900px, so it is visible on smaller screens.

SKIN - 1900 x 980px
BILLBOARD - 1200 x 170px

WEBSITE AREA- 1200 x 815px
GUTTER ZONE - 180 x 900px

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