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Experiencing the charms of the pub garden at the Dulwich Wood House

At the time December felt depressing, with even the imminent arrival of a ‘normal’ Christmas in doubt. Looking back now it was a period of relative freedom bookended by two lockdowns.


FOOD REVIEW by Paloma Lacy: Rudie’s Jerk Shack

There was much excitement when Rudie’s Jerk Shack announced it was setting up home in Brixton Village, not least from me. Ever-changing operating restrictions in late 2020 played havoc with the opening but this finally happened last month.


Cake or Death serves up a vegan treat

As quirky brand names go, Cake or Death must surely take the prize. Is it a choice? Not sure. If another reason were needed to give Veganuary a try, this east London vegan bakery could well be it.


Reminiscing about good times at The Regent in Balham

There are those pubs which hold a special place in your heart. For me, it’s The Regent in Balham. It was THE meeting place for my friendship group around a decade ago and the scene of many life changing events – early dates, hen weekends arranged over a glass of wine, and best woman’s speeches written here.


Expert advice on how to succeed this dry January

Recent research found that 36% of adults have increased their alcohol consumption during this year’s lockdowns and with Dry January around the corner, many people will be looking to reduce their alcohol intake.


British beer drinkers will pay more beer duty than the entire annual bill for 19 European countries

The UK will be expected to pay over £300m on beer duty this December, which is more than the entire annual beer duty bill for 19 other European countries, despite 85% of UK pubs being unable to open this Christmas.


The Ivy in the Park

Once upon a time Canary Wharf was solely for business folk, jollying it up at lunchtimes and after work. Weekend visits felt like entering a ghost town but that’s all changed.


Christmas cheer for cheese lovers

Make a cheese lovers’ Christmas Day with a Cheddar hamper from Somerset producer, Wyke Farms.


One in five Brits ditch traditional turkey for plant-based Christmas dinner

New research has revealed that one in five Brits are embracing a plant-based Christmas dinner this year, with mushrooms being the most popular alternative to traditional turkey.


Don’t worry, be app-y at Wheatsheaf

As London’s famous market looked bursting at the seams, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we are not in the middle of a pandemic.


Great food at The Old Frizzle

The Old Frizzle in Wimbledon celebrated the end of lookdown 2.0 by opening its Raclette Bar pop up. With travel plans on hold, there’s no need to head to Val d’Isere.


A taste of Italy at Don Luigi in Streatham Hill

Thirty years ago, Streatham was known for having some of the best Italian food around. Then everyone started cooking pasta at home and the public appetite for the cuisine diminished.


Orwell would have loved the EDT, it has atmosphere

As George Orwell once wrote, what was most appealing about his ideal pub was “what people call its ‘atmosphere’”.


South London’s Top Five…..burger restaurants

The culinary status of the humble burger has risen hugely in the past few years, so little wonder it’s the one meal so many people crave. Here’s our guide to the best burger joints south of the river

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