South London Memories


Demolition of naval hero’s house

In my collection of London postcards, a curiosity is provided by two cards, one in colour and the other black and white, purported to show Lord Nelson’s house in Merton, writes Jan Bondeson.


This Week 10, 20, 30 years ago

20 Years Ago – Firefighters drafted in to tackle a blaze in a garage block were shocked to find them being used as homes.


£500 house was won by just writing a short story

Tit-Bits Villa, a rather humdrum suburban semi-detached house, had been won in a competition by Private William Robert Mellish, of the Eight Hussars.


‘What the Dickens is so special about villa’

After his many tribulations, recorded by one Mr Dickens, Samuel Pickwick, tired of his wanderings, put aside his Papers and took up residence in a pretty little villa in Dulwich.


This Week 10, 20, 30 years ago

10 Years Ago – People living on a dozen estates are to become the first in the country to be given responsibility for financing their own development and repairs.


Did suffragettes try to burn down church?

On May, 16 1913, St Catherine’s Church, Pepys Road, Hatcham suffered serious damage as a result of fire, writes Sheridan James.


This week 10, 20, 30 years ago

This week ten years ago – A massive public party is being organised on the banks of the Thames to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Up to 8,000 people will sit down for The Big Jubilee Lunch event in the grounds of the Old Royal Naval College on Sunday, June 3.


Was a wife poisoner also Jack the Ripper?

Severin Klosowski was born in a small Polish village in 1865, the son of a carpenter. He was apprenticed to a barber-surgeon, learning hairdressing and acquiring enough medical knowledge to get a job as an assistant surgeon at a hospital.


He cut their throats with a large knife…

Edward Callaghan was a Deptford dock labourer of somewhat dissolute habits, fond of drinking, revelling and fighting. A strong, sturdy fellow, standing six feet tall, he had several times been imprisoned for assault.


This week: 10, 20, 30 years ago

10 Years Ago: Nearly 300 homes were left without water after workers demolishing part of their estate damaged pipes leading from a pump.


Storms masked the blasts from revolver

In 1908, the little semi-detached house at 29 Chatfield Road, Croydon, was home to the widow Mrs Mary Jane Manser, her son Francis and her daughter Mary. Her married daughter Eva also lived in the house, with her husband Walter Jennings.


This week 10, 20, 30 years ago

10 Years Ago, actor Graham Cole, who starred in The Bill for 27 years, met a volunteer police cadet who shares a name with his TV character when he attended a ceremony.

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