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If you would like a copy of the South London Press, London Weekly News & Mercury newspaper delivered to your door, select a subscription level and then enter your details to create a membership account.

Level Price  
1 Week £2.50 now. Select
1 Month £10.00 now. Select
6 Months £65.00 now. Select
12 Months £130.00 now. Select

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There’s no need to renew your subscription, as prices are recurring and all payment details are charged automatically on your expiry date, unless you have chosen to cancel your membership prior to this date. You can change your subscription level at any time, by clicking ‘change’ on your Membership Account page. All prices are inclusive of 50p cost of the newspaper as well as P&P.


If you would like to cancel your membership at anytime, please fill in the form below. We will then send you confirmation of cancellation via email.