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Greenwich Theatre’s James Haddrell asks what is theatre, and how to make it in a distanced age

If there is one thing that the pandemic has made us challenge in the theatre industry, it’s the nature of theatre. What makes something theatre? A year ago the answer would inevitably have been something to do with a group of people coming together to watch or participate in an event, performed by another person or group of people.


Archive streaming and live online broadcasting – Greenwich Theatre at the forefront of post-lockdown production

The pandemic has meant many things to arts organisations across the country. Clearly, at the top of the list, is the fight for survival brought about by a long period of closure and the ongoing inability to accurately forecast a full reopening.


Local author celebrates Giuseppe Garibaldi

For over 12 years in the first half of the nineteenth century, Giuseppe Garibaldi, the hero of Italian unification, lived, learned and fought in South America. He was tortured, escaped death on countless occasions, and met his Brazilian wife, Anita, who eloped with him in 1839.


The Great Gatsby set to make return to the West End

The UK’s longest running production is set to make a return to the West End in October. The Great Gatsby immersive performance will reopen at at West End venue IMMERSIVE | LDN on October 1.


Peckham theatre school reopens to students

A theatre school has reopened after being closed to students and the public for nearly six months because of the COVID-19 lockdown. The Mountview drama school and theatre in Peckham has reopened its doors with students able to tread the boards for the first time since March.


Supporting a digital future

While lockdown begins to ease, with markets already reopened, non-essential shops set to reopen next Monday and even zoos now given the go-ahead to welcome visitors again, those working in theatre – and those who love going to the theatre – are desperate for an indication of when performance venues may join the list of businesses permitted to resume their operations.


Theatrical COVID recovery will come sooner for some

To suggest that this is a tough time for theatres would be like suggesting that the depletion of the ozone layer isn’t really ideal for icebergs. However, there is a tendency in the media to report the boldest, most sensational aspect of a story, and the risk is that the headlines then become self-fulfilling prophesies.


James Haddrell: The survival of theatre and financial support

Over the past few weeks the word emergency has become incredibly significant in theatre, as Arts Council England has been assessing and responding to applications to their emergency response fund from individual artists, companies and venues.


James Haddrell: Celebrating theatre

Regular readers will know that I have been reflecting over the past few weeks on the explosion of free theatre currently available to watch online.


The Mountview Theatre in Peckham creates Mountview Live – Giles Terera Meets…

A theatre has announced a series of live-streamed conversations to be hosted by their alumnus, the Olivier Award-winning actor Giles Terera, with leading figures from the theatre and entertainment world.


The Union Theatre’s Elegies Cast dedicate song to NHS heroes and theatre freelancers

In response to coronavirus and the theatre industry’s shutdown, the talented cast of Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens – which ran last year at The Union Theatre in Southwark – have recorded a moving tribute to NHS heroes and freelancers.


James Haddrell: Artist’s support for charities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Some days the barriers are linked to technology, some days it gets depressing not being in a theatre when that’s been my life for decades, and some days I’d just rather spend with my family – but for some, home is either a dangerous place, or something they don’t have at all.


Why lockdown offers an opportunity for theatre

Like many other theatres, at Greenwich we are offering audiences the opportunity to watch theatre from home while we’re all caught up in lockdown.


What’s On: ‘Operation Elsewhere’ bringing to life Irish myths

Six live performances of an online theatrical experience will be available bringing to life Irish myths and taking audiences on a virtual trip to the beautiful Emerald isle.

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