Prepare your dog for your house move

Moving home can be an extremely stressful occasion for us humans. However, although you might be caught up in all of the packing and planning, don’t forget to look out for your furry friends. Carefully planning your pet’s move will really help them to transition as smoothly and as stress free as possible.


Keep your pet safe during your barbecue

From heatstroke and burns, to bin raids and broken glass, there are many potential dangers for pet owners to think about when firing up the grill. However, there’s lots of simple things you can do to make sure your barbecue is fun for everyone – including your four-legged friends!


Tips and tricks to brush your pets teeth

Dental care is just as important for our pets as it is for us, so it’s really important to maintain a good dental hygiene routine. Cats and dogs are prone to plaque, rotten teeth, and gum problems just like we are, so good dental hygiene is essential.


Beach guide for you and your pooch

Although the seaside has all the ingredients for an exciting adventure with your pooch, it’s essential that you are well prepared so that you can enjoy everything that the beach has to offer.


Be aware of the sun when exercising

We know how important exercise is to keeping our dog’s body and mind healthy, but knowing how to exercise them safely on blazing hot days while preventing overheating can be difficult. All owners need to be aware of the dangers of over-exercising in warmer weather.


Getting married? Why not involve the dog too

For many people, their pooch is a four-legged best friend, so it’s understandable that it simply wouldn’t feel right to celebrate their special day without them. As weddings have now returned, and more venues are happy to welcome furry friends, it’s an exciting time for many.


Prepare your dog for life on the road

With overseas travel still up in the air, many of us will be spending our summer in the UK – much to the joy of our precious pet. Though it might seem like the perfect solution, there are many things to consider before your furry friend joins you on a road trip.


More should be done to stop dog theft

Less than 10 per cent of dog thefts in London led to criminal charges in 2020. Freedom of Information statistics reveal 196 cases of dog theft every month nationally, up seven per cent on 2019.


A treat for us, but deadly for our pets

As delicious as it might be for us, eating chocolate can be extremely dangerous, and even fatal, for cats and dogs. Though we might leave chocolate treats lying around the house, or receive them through our letter boxes as gifts – chocolate should always be kept well out of reach from tempted paws and claws.


If rabbit does a binky, they are happy

Bunnies’ needs can be more complex than some other pets so despite their popularity they can unintentionally become neglected. The good news is there are lots of simple things you can do to help keep your rabbits healthy, happy and living their best lives


Tick the right boxes to prevent ticks

Ticks are small parasites which feed on humans and animals alike. They’re more common during the summer months, so time is ticking to give your pet the best chance of avoiding these potentially dangerous critters.