Resolve to be a better pet owner

Christmas can be a time where we take life a bit slower, which more often than not can lead to our pets following suit. As we enter January it’s great time to turn things around – starting as you mean to go on.


Pets can help to banish the January blues

As the post-festive excitement wears off, the cold weather and short, dark days can leave us feeling glum. 


Mottingham family furious after spooked cat spent three days up a tree – as firefighter said ‘I don’t like cats’

Two-year-old Buddy, a large white cat with black markings, jumped high into the 70-foot tree after being spooked by New Year’s Eve fireworks.


Keep your pets happy when it’s cold outside

When the cold snap bites, it’s not just us humans that suffer the effects – our pets feel it too. Despite their warm coats, our furry friends are not immune to the effects of low temperatures.


A new pet is not just for Christmas

Taking on a pet is a big responsibility, so it’s vitally important to avoid impulse buying and make sure you carry out plenty of research beforehand.


Pets can be affected by allergies too

We are all too aware of these common allergy symptoms in humans, particularly now as we enter hay fever season – but did you know that some pets can suffer from allergies too?


Arrests made after pair pose as police in aggravated burglary in Wandsworth

Two men have been arrested as part of an investigation into an aggravated burglary in Wandsworth.


Know how to spot if your cat has FIV

FIV can be a life-limiting condition, as it affects a cat’s immune response, making it difficult for them to deal with infections that they would otherwise be able to fight off.


Cluck, cluck: Locals nun too happy at noisy convent hens

Nuns at a convent have been caught up in a bizarre row about loud clucking from chickens.


Ensure your pet can be seen on road

Our four-legged friends love being outdoors, but it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers that roads and traffic can pose to our pets when exploring their surroundings


Antibiotics are vital, not a cure-all

It’s important to be aware of when and why your pet might need to take antibiotics – and also, when they might be better off without them. 


Horses ‘poisoned’ by stables’ sycamores trees in Bromley

A Bromley man is fighting to stop his horses being poisoned by trees in his stables.

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