Stay calm if there is an emergency

We can’t anticipate every dangerous scenario our pets will encounter, but knowing what to do in an emergency situation can be the difference between life and death. The more prepared we are, the less we have to worry about our pets


Wandsworth kitten makes the cut for national pet photo contest that could bag him tasty treats

A kitten has made the cut for a national pet photo contest this week and he wants your vote. Eight-month-old Mylo enjoys chatting to his mates and chasing feet up the stairs. But he has no idea he might win a £200 prize bundle with HiLife goodies and a load of tasty treats.


Battersea Dogs’ Home celebrates 150th anniversary

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, they say – perhaps because an old dog already knows all the tricks. But an old dogs’ home? Battersea Dogs’ Home, which celebrates its 150th anniversary tomorrow (June 3) has been adapting to its charges’ needs throughout its history – including admitting man’s best friends’ jealous rivals, cats, in 1883.


Keep your pets safe while cleaning

With spring in full swing, many of us have been busy scrubbing, sorting and sprucing up our homes. Though we might love that feeling of a squeaky-clean space, it can create a surprisingly dangerous environment for our pets.


Dog walkers march to Greek Embassy to raise awareness of strict regulations over dog adoptions

Dog walkers are marched from Hyde Park to the Greek Embassy this Saturday to raise awareness of strict regulations preventing dog adopters from taking their pets home. Hannah Marie-Hill, 27, from Purley in Croydon, began planning the march after hearing multiple heart-wrenching stories of dogs left to die on the streets of Zante. 


Pets can also suffer from dementia

Our pets can get something called Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS), which many people can relate to as dementia in humans. It’s a heart-breaking disease, but there are things you can do to help your pet continue to live a happy life.


Prepare your pet for your return to the office

As lockdown restrictions ease and life returns to normality, many pet owners will be returning to the workplace and spending less time at home.


How would you react to a dog in hot car?

What can start out as a fun, relaxing day in the sunshine can have tragic consequences for dogs – those who sadly suffer from heat exhaustion after being trapped in hot cars. Leaving a dog in a car on a warm day, even with the windows open and the car parked in the shade, creates a potentially fatal situation.


Cats are very sensitive to changes

Changes in our lifestyle and situations that seem to be beyond our control all contribute towards feeling stressed. The same is true for our pets – and particularly cats – who can be highly sensitive to changes in their lives


Pets can be affected by allergies too

We are all too aware of these common allergy symptoms in humans, particularly now as we enter hay fever season – but did you know that some pets can suffer from allergies too?


Beloved pet cat found dead near where a cat and kitten were shot with airgun pellets

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a beloved cat was found dead in suspicious circumstances, near where two were also shot with airgun pellets. Eight-year-old Leo’s body was discovered by members of the public who reported it to their owner who had been desperately looking for him.