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My dog Reggie loves eating human food. I find it hard to resist those puppy dog eyes and often give him titbits from our evening meal. What sort of foods can dogs tolerate?

Many human foods are high in fat, salt and sugar and if fed to Reggie regularly, it could cause him harm.

Pets can become overweight when they eat too many calories and don’t do enough exercise, so those extra bits of food at meal times could be adding unnecessary calories to Reggie’s diet.

Overweight pets are more likely to develop problems such as arthritis, breathing problems and heart disease.

It’s also important to be aware that some foods are poisonous to dogs such as onions, chocolate, grapes and raisins.

Steamed carrots, broccoli and lean pieces of meat can be given as treats in moderation, but if you are doing this remember to reduce their own food by 10% to compensate for the extra calories.

My two Jack Russell’s both really need their teeth cleaned, but I can’t afford this because all of my bills have gone up. What can I do?

Dental care is important and if left can lead to pain, loss of teeth and impact on your pets health generally.

I would advise discussing payment options with your vet as they can sometimes offer a payment plan.

You could also check to see if you are eligible for PDSA’s help by visiting

Picture: Pixabay Michael_Luenen

As your dog’s teeth need cleaning at your vets, they will have a build-up of tartar and plaque that can’t be removed with brushing alone, so they will need them descaled and will possibly need any loose or unhealthy teeth removed.

However, once your dogs’ teeth are nice and shiny, you can start to brush them regularly using an enzymatic pet toothpaste.

My kitten Frankie is seven months old, she’s suddenly started making mad noises and sticking her bum in the air all the time. I’ve never seen anything like it! What should I do?

You need to get Frankie checked out by your vet to see what is causing her to do this, but if she hasn’t been neutered then she could be in season.

A cat’s reproductive cycle can run from February through to October – and she will be in ‘heat’ multiple times throughout her season, and each one lasts for about a week.

Cats in season show lots of different signs, including ‘calling’ – a loud yowling sound.

Cats in season show lots of different signs, including ‘calling’ – a loud yowling sound

They may roll on the floor, crouch on all fours, move their tail from side to side and appear more affectionate by rubbing their body against people and furniture.

They can have their first season at four months.

If she is in heat you will need to keep her indoors to prevent her getting pregnant.

I would recommend you ask your vet about getting her neutered as soon as possible.


Picture: Pixabay/StockSnap

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