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I’ve recently adopted three Guinea Pigs and they live in my garden. I’m worried about fireworks as I know it’s Eid next week. What can I do to help my new pets?

Guinea pigs can feel in danger when they hear or see fireworks so it’s good to be prepared ahead of Eid.

Ideally, bring them inside but choose a cooler room so they aren’t stressed by changes in temperature – or you could move their hutch into a car-free garage or shed.

If their home can’t be moved indoors, turn it to face the wall at night, or partly cover it with non-flammable carpet or blankets to block out light and sound, whilst making sure there is good ventilation.

Always keep the three of them together so they feel safe and secure. Try playing music (that’s not too loud) to drown out the noise, provide deep bedding to muffle unwanted sounds and give them a treat or toy to keep them occupied.

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My Westie, Bailey, had a bad skin condition that looked like psoriasis . A few months ago I changed him to a hypoallergenic food which seemed to settle it, but it’s come back worse than ever now. Is there anything else I can do?

I’d recommend taking Bailey to see the vet as soon as possible as skin conditions can be very painful, could get infected and may get progressively worse if left.

Westies and some other breeds are prone to a skin condition called atopy. Picture: Pixabay/Birgl

There can be many reasons for skin problems, including parasites, bacterial or fungal infections, environmental allergies or food sensitivities.

Westies and some other breeds are prone to a skin condition called atopy.

It is usually caused by allergies to things in the environment but it can also be linked to food allergies.

Your vet will be able to identify the cause and advise the best treatment to control Bailey’s itchy skin.

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My cat, Bob, who is now 15-years-old, keeps groaning at night. The noise keeps me awake at night so I have to keep him downstairs. It’s happening frequently now – what could be wrong?

There are a few reasons why your cat might be more vocal than he used to be.

Because of his age, there’s a possibility Bob could have a syndrome (cognitive dysfunction syndrome – CDS) similar to dementia possibly causing him confusion.

Bob could have a syndrome (cognitive dysfunction syndrome – CDS) similar to dementia or may be unwell

Cats that are experiencing this can feel very disorientated and worried and as such can make more noise, especially at night as it disrupts their sleep-wake cycle.

Try leaving on a radio at night and close curtains, so that he won’t be disturbed by light, noises or other animals that may be outside.

Alternatively, Bob may be unwell, which may be causing him pain or discomfort, I would recommend that you book an appointment to have Bob checked over by your vet.

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Picture: Pixabay/Pezibear 

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