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My dog Harry seems really hyper lately. I am walking him the same amount I always have (twice a day for 20 minutes) why has he got this extra energy?

All dogs need daily exercise and opportunities to play, but the amount depends on many factors, such as breed, age and general health.

Look into your dog’s breed history, this will be a good indicator of what your dog needs to stay physically healthy and mentally stimulated for their overall wellbeing.

For a quick guide to how much exercise different dogs need, visit

If you’re still worried, you should visit the vet to check there are no underlying medical conditions causing this.

My long-haired cat Anne gets very grumpy when I try to groom her. What can I do to make the process a bit easier?

Long-haired cats should be groomed daily and the best way to make this a stress-free process is to begin when they are a kitten.

Adult cats may dislike being groomed because they have found it painful in the past, which can happen when they develop knots and the hair roots pull on the skin, so your vet may need to clip those off first.

Long-haired cats should be groomed daily. Picture: Pixabay /yairventuraf

Once the coat is free of knots, teach Anne that grooming can be enjoyable, start gradually and give her healthy treats and praise whilst you do it. Begin by just touching her gently and leaving the grooming brush nearby but not being used.

Then touch her with the brush, rewarding her when she is calm and relaxed.

Slowly start moving the brush across her, again rewarding calm behaviour. By building up slowly over a couple of days, you should eventually be able to groom Anne normally.

My hamster, Skittles, is tipping her head to the side and wobbling when she walks around. What is wrong with her?

Skittles may be suffering from a problem with her inner ear, but there may be other causes, so you need to take her to the vet straight away.

Ear infections can affect the inner ear, which is linked to balance and when there is an infection or growth in that area, it can cause ‘hamster vertigo’, which could explain her wobbling when she walks.

Ear infections can affect the inner ear. Picture: Pixabay/Etouale

Your vet will give her a good check over and discuss with you the best course of action and prescribe any necessary treatment.

There’s lots of information about hamsters on our website:


Picture: Pixabay/RebeccaPictures

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