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My rabbit, Thumper, has red, inflamed eyes that look very sore. What could this be?

There are many different conditions that cause red, inflamed, sore eyes in rabbits.

It could be something like an eye infection, allergy, something in the eye or believe it or not, it could be a sign of dental disease.

This is a common cause of eye problems in rabbits because their teeth roots grow so closely to their eyes.

I’d recommend making an appointment with your vet so they can investigate further, tell your vet about any other symptoms you have noticed, such as, pain, swelling, discharge, excessive blinking, holding an eye shut, cloudiness in the eyes, difficulty eating or a snotty nose.

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My dog, Hugo, has such long sharp nails, I was getting them cut every few weeks by a groomer but it’s too expensive now with the cost of living. Is this something I can do myself?

Yes this is something you can do at home. It’s important to always use a pair of dog nail clippers.

It will be helpful if you have a family member or friend to hold your dog.

It’s important to always use a pair of dog nail clippers. Pixabay/alektas

You need to look for ‘the quick’ – it’s a vein that appears as a red or pink line that runs inside the middle of the nail, so it’s usually easy to see in light-coloured claws.

This part of the nail will bleed and be painful if it is cut so you should cut a few millimetres below it.

If a nail bleeds, don’t panic – you can dip it in corn flour to help it clot or hold some cotton wool on it until it stops bleeding.

When you’ve finished, offer your dog a treat, this will help him find nail clipping a positive experience.

I think my dog, Lucy, might be pregnant! She’s acting differently including dragging blankets to her bed and rearranging cushions.

If Lucy has been with an entire male then it is quite possible that she is pregnant.

Signs of pregnancy can include a change in her appetite, eating less or more, she may be less willing to go out for walks as she feels more tired than usual.

Her nipples may appear pinker and larger, she may have a clear vaginal discharge.

Some dogs can also demonstrate nesting behaviour with a phantom pregnancy. Pixabay/moshehar

Nesting often occurs in the later stages of pregnancy, so at this stage you would expect her tummy to be larger, you may even be able to see or feel the puppies.

You will need to have her checked by your vet so they can confirm pregnancy and check that she is well.

However, some dogs can also demonstrate nesting behaviour with a phantom pregnancy which means their body thinks it is pregnant when it’s not.




Picture: Rabbit – Pixabay/ChiemSeherin

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