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My kitten, Tiger, has an obsession with tearing up paper, especially at night while I’m asleep, but I’m worried she might choke on the small pieces. Why does she do this, and how can I get her to stop?

Tiger is probably just looking for things to play with, so I recommend you play with her as much as possible when she is awake.

Throughout the day, Tiger will probably want to sleep and be less bothered about playtime – so leave her to rest.

Kittens are full of energy and evenings and night-time is when they become active, so make sure she has access to scratch pads, toys and places that are safe to climb and explore.

Playing with her is a great way to bond, so use appropriate kitten toys to help prevent boredom, encourage activity and have fun.

Keep paper out of reach and be sure to provide safe alternatives.

How do I know what type of hamster I have? What are the behaviour traits of each type?

There are many different breeds of hamster but the most commonly owned hamsters are Syrian and dwarf.

Syrian hamsters are the larger breed and are probably the most popular as pets, they come in colours ranging from a sandy brown to a white or soft gold.

They must be kept alone from other hamsters as vicious fights can break out between them.

However, they can really enjoy human company and become very tame and fun pets.

There are many different breeds of hamster, most commonly owned hamsters are Syrian and dwarf

Dwarf hamsters are much smaller and move fast, which can make playtime with them more tricky.

Although dwarf hamsters in the wild live in colonies for breeding and safety reasons, they can find living with others in a domestic setting challenging and fights can happen, so they’re best kept apart.

Hamsters are busy and active at night, so they need loads of space to explore and lots of enrichment to live a happy life.

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I have two rabbits who live in my garden in a hutch. How can I prepare them for the summer months so they don’t get too hot during any heatwaves?

Wild rabbits spend the hottest part of the summer days underground in their cool burrows, but pet rabbits don’t have this option, so it’s important we help them out.

Wooden hutches can get very hot in the sun, so remember to move them to a well-shaded area of the garden and make sure they have an outdoor run too with access to fresh grass.

Wooden hutches can get very hot in the sun, so move them to a well-shaded area of the garden Picture: Pixabay/Thomas G.

If your garden doesn’t provide much shade, you can make your own by draping a tarpaulin or towel over part of your rabbits’ run – making sure there’s a through draught of cool air.

Keep cool, by filling a bottle with water and freeze it overnight.

Wrap it tightly in a towel or sock to protect your bunny from freezer burn.



Picture: Kittens are full of energy and evenings and night-time is when they become active. Picture: Pixabay/rihaij

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