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We’ve just got a Husky puppy. Someone told me she only needs five minutes’ walking for every month of her age. Is this true? I thought she’d need longer than that. Monica

Exercise that dogs need depends on breed, age and general health.

Structured exercise, such as long walks on a lead, can often be too much for young bones and joints. Puppies have to be exercised carefully as they grow.

Huskies are a very active breed, and an adult dog may require at least two hours of exercise every day, split between a few walks.

Larger breeds don’t reach their full size until they are at least 18 months old, so while younger think carefully about the amount and type of exercise you offer.

Huskies are a very active breed. Picture: husky Pixabay badamczak80

Under six months of age, exercise on hard surfaces should include shorter walks, so they can get used to their collar and lead or harness.

Running and playing on grass while having time off the lead is also important, where it is safe to do so.

Avoid jumping games until they are older, and allow them to rest as much as they need.

The puppy will also need to be fully vaccinated before being allowed outside.

For more information on exercising puppies visit

I have five cats who have always got on well, but more recently Holly and Molly have been biting Jax. So far it’s not caused him any harm, but I’m worried in case it gets worse. How can I stop this from happening? Nate

Multiple cat households can be challenging, and changes to their environment, stress, illnesses or lack of resources can upset the delicate balance of cohabitation.

Homes with multiple cats should have enough litter trays, water and feed bowls, beds and scratch posts for each cat, plus an extra one, so you will need six in your home.

Multiple cat households can be challenging. Pixabay/rihaij

As Jax seems to be getting the negative attention, have him checked over by your vet to make sure he’s not unwell, as he may be feeling more vulnerable and giving off signals that may be upsetting his friends.

You can also try pheromone diffusers at home that can encourage cats to feel less stressed, and this may help to relax the situation.

To create the ideal cat home visit the PDSA website.

My rabbit’s face has swollen up on the left hand side, what should I do? Navneet

It’s possible that your rabbit has developed an abscess, which is most likely from tooth complications, but can also develop from a wound caused by a scratch or bite.

Teeth problems are very common. Picture: Pixabay/Thomas G.

Rabbits’ teeth grow non-stop throughout their lives, so they need the correct diet to make sure their teeth stay under control and don’t get long, sharp, pointy and cause issues.

Teeth problems are sadly, very common.

Your rabbit will need vet treatment as soon as possible.



Picture : Pixabay/planet_fox 

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