New murals in Camberwell as part of a project to boost interest and pride in the area

Some people like to paint the town red.

But artist Lionel Stanhope is painting his Camberwell neighbourhood black and white. A new mural of a piano keyboard appeared in Camberwell over the Bank Holiday weekend as part of a project to boost interest and pride in the area. The musical mural adorns the wall of 36 to 38 Peckham Road and was inspired by the building’s history as a piano factory.

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Caretaker with depression who didn’t open curtains for eight years urges others to ‘reach out’

A caretaker who didn’t open his curtains for eight years after suffering from depression is urging others to ‘open up’ about their mental health issues. Alex Cooper, from Peckham, had suffered with his mental health for nearly two decades after the death of his mother. Just weeks into a new job, he opened up to his manager about his struggles and says he received so much support that he was inspired to do the same for his colleagues.

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Croydon Council failed to act for four years putting the health of tenants at risk

Croydon Council’s failure to act for four years allowed a minor leak to grow into a major problem that put the health and safety of council tenants at risk, an independent investigation has concluded. And systematic problems in the council’s housing service means it has been unable to deliver ‘core housing services’ effectively and could point to poor performance across the department.

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