Exhibition: Paintings, Illustrations and Haiku by Véronique Avon

Véronique Avon – Paintings, Illustrations and Haiku A new exhibition by Véronique Avon opens on April 29 at the Apothecary Gallery in Hammersmith.

Having left Provence about 30 years ago, Avon has been using oils to paint many landscapes inspired by her family roots there which she calls “a land of sun and lavender.”

She also takes inspiration from Herefordshire and the River Wye, where she now lives with her family. As she painted, her traditional landscapes evolved into more imaginary rounded horizons with scenes of orchards, gardens and sea.

Avon says her creations are “little worlds loosely inspired from Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s book The Little Prince”.

Avon also says her work is a way of “exploring images beyond accurate representations, enjoying breaking a few rules of perspective along the way, interpreting my landscapes in a freer and more imaginative way”.

Her work extends beyond the canvas with poetry to accompany each piece of art.

Avon said: “I wrote for each painting a Haiku poem, another special creative space, three short lines suggesting the landscape’s own little story.”

Alongside oil paintings Avon explores medieval illuminations using other materials, working on a much smaller scale, playing with Celtic knotwork and angels and textured colours.

The Book of Kells and the Lindisfarne Gospels have been her inspiration.

The opening event on April 29 runs from 7pm-9pm at Apothecary Gallery, Hammersmith.

The exhibition runs until May 24.
Visit www.apothecarygallery.org for more.

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