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CARD calling for Charlton Athletic fans to boycott Valley if takeover deal is not done by August 4


The Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet (CARD) will call for a boycott of The Valley if the Belgian businessman still owns Charlton Athletic when the new EFL season kicks off on August 4.

And the fans’ group have also spelled out that fresh protest action could also take place.

Duchatelet has been in protracted talks over selling the League One club to an Australian-backed group of investors which includes successful businessman Andrew Muir. 

A CARD spokesperson said: “While we remain hopeful that the Australian consortium will complete a takeover, it would be irresponsible to rely on that given that director Richard Murray told the Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust a deal was likely to happen in February and the club has been stalling fans ever since. 

“There has been no shortage of interest, as Charlton admit.

“The club still has no chief executive, no head of finance, no chairman, no functioning board of directors, and since March it has had no permanent first-team manager. We believe that it is unprecedented for any club to operate in this way for so long and the idea that it is possible for this set-up to plan effectively for a successful season is naïve and insulting to supporters. 

“Many of the club’s staff, now faced with yet another round of internal cost-cutting, are as demoralised as the fans.

“The uncertainty is such that Charlton can’t even get access to fans’ season-ticket payments made by credit card. The payment handler will only release the cash game by game. Even the accountant representing Duchatelet, who disclosed this last week, admitted publicly that he’d never heard of such a thing before. What does this say about the regime?

“It is obvious that the playing squad is not big enough, not strong enough and it may be further depleted before kick-off, with more established players replaced by free transfers. Caretaker boss Lee Bowyer could be a genius but it wouldn’t matter, because like all his eight predecessors since 2014 he is being set up to fail.

“It is 90 years since Charlton spent four consecutive seasons below Championship level, but that is the clear prospect under Duchatelet’s continued ownership. People will have their own views about the right thing to do, as they have throughout the last four years, but for us this is a tipping point.”

CARD want fans to refused to buy home match or season tickets and also  not pay for hospitality packages, merchandise or any other commercial product if a change of ownership has not taken place before the League One opener at Sunderland.

CARD’s spokesperson added: “This is not the limit of the action we will take, which will include other protests. We very much hope that none of this is necessary and that instead we can get behind the team under new owners, but with less than three weeks to go before the start of the season it would now be foolish to assume that.”

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13 thoughts on “CARD calling for Charlton Athletic fans to boycott Valley if takeover deal is not done by August 4

  • Idiots ….. the takeover delay is caused by previous ownership and nothing to do with RD or the Aussies so who they hurting the players that’s who .
    The Aussies have shown great commitment to our club already it’s time for supporters to show the same

    • Well said colin its this so called CARD which is causing DAMAGE.To our club.

  • Long Time Loyal

    My club is dying a slow drip drip death by a thousand cuts.
    The boycott is a great idea as there is no realistic sign of a takeover, the fans are being toyed with.
    I hope we have some fierce and serious protests too.
    As we are dying, it is better to go with a bang rather than a whimper.

  • Unhappy Addict

    Strange that the above reply was from a supporter that always thought Roland’s regime was perfect and a takeover was not required, until it became apparent one was happening.

  • Colin69 is right. We are all frustrated and want the takeover to complete, but taking action in the way proposed by CARD will do nothing to help the situation. More likely it could do damage to the process. Matchday protests can only be a distraction to the players and it is possibly not a coincidence that last season’s performances were an improvement, with little or no matchday action.

    I would say to CARD “Think again – just get behind the team and help them to the best start possible”.

    I’ve been supporting Charlton for 60+ years and its never been easy – Lets stick together and support them.

  • Charlton Loyal

    CARD wanted the club sold and the club is in the process of being sold.

    But now CARD also want the club sold at a time (and price) of their choosing.

    CARD wanted the CEO gone and she has.

    CARD are now moaning that there is no CEO.

    Perhaps CARD have been out of the limelight for a while and are getting bored ?


  • It is time for all loyal Charlton supporters to get behind whatever team takes the field for the new season. We have had our backs to the wall before and we’ve come through.
    Whilst we want the takeover, if it doesn’t happen we have got to show our support to the lads wearing the shirt. Spend your cash at the ground buying tickets drinks and burgers etc. and cheer and clap from the stands. Stand up and be counted or are we not the men our fathers were!!
    Come on you reds!!

  • Just got the info regarding the online ticket fee of 1.50 for online self printing of tickets,

    I do not intend to order any more match day tickets or consider buying a season ticket until

    this fee is scrapped. Whoever thought this was a good idea, should be fired!

  • I thought it was the EFL doing their due diligence checks that is the hold up. Protests will not get the EFL to hurry up.

  • Backing CARD

    Not a penny more until Duchatelet has gone. As soon as he has, season tickets all round.

  • Peter Cordwell

    There were the same dreary, defeatist characters when the Back To The Valley campaign started in 1986. Comments then were: “It’s their club and they can do what they want with it.” “It’s a waste of time, all this trouble making…just people with nothing better to do in their lives.” “What’s the point, it’ll never change, we’ll just have to make do with Crystal Palace.” “There’s no other choice – and what’s it got to do with the Mercury anyway?”
    Probably some of the same people!
    Go for it, CARD! They’ll thank you when it succeeds. Or find something else to pin their negativity to.

  • George Craig

    Far more action needed – why not block the away team’s coach for 30 mins and get publicity that way?

  • While I agree partly with Ken Rodgers I’m also very frustrated with not being in the know about what is going on with my club. It’s such a shame what’s happened. My brother and I will not be paying for anything whilst the rat is still pocketing our money. I understand the lads need us backing them there, but it’s the pure principle of the matter. I can’t wait to get back to the valley under better circumstances, singing and cheering for the super reds. Forever and always a Charlton fan (I blame my dad!) Haha

    Live by the sword
    Die by the sword.


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